Sometimes I will hear a sad flute song and think….I should be walking on the beach at dusk wearing a winding sheet and weeping..but then I hear a little melody that sounds like it should have been in Breakfast at Tiffanys and I think “forget crying, you should be at the Parker Palm Springs drinking champagne with your gusbands.” Music does that to me.

Tumblr is the original Pinterest. I never understood you tumblr. Forgive me. It took me pinning 2400 things on Pinterest to understand what you were trying to be. I’m slow that way.

I don’t know about you guys but when they say “hot russian unhinged men from the 1800s” I am thinking…yea, damn you 2012 for not being 1885. Maybe he’s reincarnated by now and I will find him at a wine bar in Malibu. Stranger things have happened.

I don’t really understand tumblr. David ( ) made me get one so I could follow his video game playing but then I didn’t end up playing it with him so I took my tumblr down. And more so, all the kids he played with (and I am sorry but if I could biologically have given birth to you, you’re a kid) talk tumblr talk and I no comprehend tumblr talk. I also do not comprehend most emoticons and texting languages. You can suck it, but I probably will not suck it unless you have round eyes. True story.

I have no idea why I just wrote this here…I don’t know any friends really near me who play video games and if I did I would mock them the way you are probably mocking me if you are reading this. I can’t play well, I am not rainman enough to understand gaming tips and help sites and even if I did, I would hire a brainy kid to just TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IT ALL MEANS. As I once truthfully told David, I only push the orange buttons.

But now I see Val ( ) has a tumblr and OMG YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA HOW COOL VAL IS. She understands me. She gets that sometimes you just hum The Lady in the Radiator Song. She likes Lynch films. I love Val. Val needs to come back to California in time for our Palm Springs Turban Ladys Do Lunch. The rest of you have no idea what this means but it doesn’t matter because Val does.